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This is my home. I made a promise. Protect it, care for it, love it. Me and this family, can't break it.
—John Dutton III.

John Dutton III was a main character on Yellowstone. He is the Governor of Montana. He was a Montana rancher, who owned one of the biggest cattle ranches of the United States. He was the protagonist of the series.


Early Life

Dutton was married to Evelyn. They had four children: three sons, one of whom they had adopted, and a daughter. The pair ran the ranch together prior to her death in 1997. He buried Evelyn on the ranch. His father, John Dutton II, who had retired from ranching due to failing health, died several years later of cancer, urging him never to give up the ranch to anyone under any circumstances. John promised this and took it to heart.

Throughout the Series

John is the patriarch of the Dutton family and the owner of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest ranch in the United States which was located in Park, due east of Bozeman. He is the former Livestock Commissioner for the state of Montana and one of the most respected, powerful members of the communities from Bozeman to Livingston. He stepped down from his position at the request of Governor Lynelle Perry and his son, Kayce Dutton, was named the new Livestock Commissioner. It was also revealed in the show that he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a series of episodes due to the diagnosis. Upon learning that Governor Perry was making a run for the United States Senate, he was offered a potential endorsement for the Governor seat, and learned that his foster son, Jamie, who was the current state AG, was eyeing the very same prize. Knowing Jamie's ambitions and what his career would do to the ranch, John made a leap, went to Helena and declared his candidacy for Governor of the State of Montana.




This is America. We don't share land down here.

John Dutton to the Chinese tourists on his property.

You don't see it on your way to work, in the fields, or on the mountain. But there is a war being waged against our way of life. They'll tell you all the reasons why our way of life in Montana are bad for this country, bad for our future. How it's immoral that you live here,work here, grow their food here. They will tell it so much you might even start to believe it yourself. Question what you do and who you are. They'll tell you that the land's only hope is for them to be its steward. The ugly truth is they want the land, and if they get it, it will never look like our land again. That is progress in today's terms, so if it's progress you seek, do not vote for me. I am the opposite of progress. I am the wall that it bashes against, and I will not be the one who breaks.

John's opening speech as he throws his hat in the Montana Governor Race.