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Baapuxti was a Native American student at the North Dakota Boarding School for Native Americans and a close friend to Teonna Rainwater, considering each other as cousins.

Character Biography[]


She is first seen in a classroom at the North Dakota school while Teonna is being ruthlessly quizzed by Sister Mary on the contents of soap. She witnesses Teonna attacking Sister Mary. Later in the night, she talks with Teonna about ways to heal her wounds with cedar sap, and if they'll live long enough to survive the school.

Nature's Empty Throne[]

Outside, the girls are taught how to sweep dust. After Baapuxti accidentally brushes dust off of the front porch, she is slapped by Sister Mary. Teonna witnesses this and sweeps her dust off the front porch too. When Sister Mary approaches, Teonna warningly grips her broom, prompting Sister Mary to back off. The girls are then seen being taught how to wash and dry clothes.

War and the Turquoise Tide[]

While being taught how to harvest berries, Baapuxti complains about the thorns. Sister Alice reprimands her for her complaints, then whips her. Teonna comes to her defense and hits Sister Alice with her bucket, but is knocked out with a shovel by Sister Mary.

Later that night, Teonna asks Baapuxti to escape the school with her, but she declines, afraid that they will both be found. Baapuxti notices her painted facial markings and sees her collect Bibles into her pillowcase, to which Teonna tells her that she is making war and leaves.

Ghost of Zebrina[]

Baapuxti is ruthlessly interrogated by Father Renaud, who tortures her with beatings. She refuses to tell him where Teonna has escaped to, speaking for the final time in her Crow language. Enraged, Father Renaud beats her to death, stomping on her skull. Her body is then wrapped in cloth and buried in an unmarked grave off the school premises.